Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Funday!

Sigh. Sundays. Synonomous with hangovers, laundry, cleaning, and homework. It's just one of those days that is kind of there to help you catch up, I think. Well since I was a lame and didn't actually make it out last night I was plenty rested and managed to tackle my shit-hole of an apartment. Haha Pete through a party Friday night (that I slept through) and the apartment was still suffering from the wreck. But my goal was to be at the gym by 2-2:30pm and take out another elliptical-weights workout. It was not without difficulty though that I achieved this. With the help or maybe more like deter of a 30 minute nap (in which I contemplated even getting up) Pete and I made our way over towards the gym.

After I got on the treadmill I knew it would be smooth sailing, I was feeling great because I had eaten a lot the night before and during the day. (*As a side note I think that may be something I struggle with, how much to eat? I know what to eat because I have spoken extensively about this with many people but it's hard to judge just how much one should be taking in. Pete tells me I am not eating enough for the amount of work I am putting in but at the same time I am trying to loose weight and put on some muscle so I don't want to over-indulge).

Anyways, did another hour of "Performance" and came out with over 700 calories burned, and 5.30 miles done in an hour. Not too shabby. I also got into the weight room and did my rounds on the machines with a 3 sets of 25 reps on each. I also managed to get in a few crunches and stretched before I had to run into the shower and start my shift. I guess I should consider myself lucky to have this job because it allows me to workout in an awesome facility for free and because I'm already at work before my workout....but the part where I am sitting here...right now...bored out of my mind is what gets me. Haha one more hour and I can go home and crash for the night :)


  1. Hey my dear :)

    So I read this entry a while ago, and it came to me that I have a friend who is a vegetarian/vegan and hes super into heath and running...and I thought hmm that may be helpful to Sammi. I was talking to him today and he said that as long as you are eating beans, fruits and leafy green veggies you should be good on your protein intake. His suggestion is to make sure you are taking in enough calcium and iron because it is easy to get low on those. Hope that helps a little. Love you!