Sunday, February 6, 2011

Up and Running

Finish the sentence: After a two-and-a-half hour workout I feel..... Well I felt completely exhausted! Friday's are always difficult because I go from work to class to a meeting back to hyde park to work out. And all of this is done through CTA, which is rough! Somehow, I managed to get myself through all of that and onto an elliptical for an hour and then lift weights for another hour with some stretching and crunches to finish up. And afterward? Sure I was ready to fall asleep but my body felt great! Maybe I'm pushing a little hard since it's only February but then again I love the rush I get, and not to mention the aftermath of it :) At the end of the workout I clocked in 700 calories and around 5 and a quarter miles. All of that was done within an hour on the "Performance" option workout. Weights were good too, I'm still entirely too intimidated to do free weights so for now I just make my rounds on the machine doing 3 sets of 25.

And when I got home...I crashed haha but in a good way :)

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