Saturday, February 12, 2011

Keeping Pace

Holy is it Saturday already? I think this "life going by fast" thing has been a reoccuring theme that I just haven't quite picked up on :) So I suppose I have quite a few days to catch up on.
But I should also add, I decided that this week, self care was going to be the name of the game. I was informed, or rather uninformed, that in order to even interview for a placement in a school next year I needed to have my score for the Basic Skills Test....yikes! Well, the next test was scheduled for this Saturday (today) and then there wasn't another one til April.... I don't even know how, but I managed to clear my schedule in enough time to pay the ridiculous $176 fee for the test and for signing up late. Ok, ok I think I am drowning on. Anyways, this week I spent A LOT of time in the gym. Enough so that I began to feel judged by my fellow coworkers who would relieve me and then see me leaving as they are getting off their shifts....wowza!

Wednesday: I have to say I feel really fortunate that I am interning in a place that allows me to work with such a supportive team of people. I emailed my supervisor late Monday night to ask for Tuesday and Wednesday off and she replied promptly that I should study and take care of myself. That being said, I took it upon myself to hit the gym after my 4 hour shift at work. Running and Pool day! I decided that I've been running for a while now that my body is probably getting used to starting at a 5.0-5.5 mph speed and working up for an hour. After reading this months subscription of Women's Health, I decided it would be a good idea to start adding in some interval training and some hills. I think it was a good first experience and by the time I was done my shirt was soaked....amazing workout I'd say! But get this! Not only was I able to get a ridiculous amount of endorphins going, I also headed downtown for my hour of supervision in which I was able to vent like crazy about my frustration with the SSW. Lovely day!

Thursday: As is typical, another morning starting off opening the gym :) But it's elliptical and weight day wooooo hoooo!!! In the spirit of changing things up, I decided to alter my workout from "Performance" to "Cross Country" which is like intervals too. I was also able to increase the amount of weights I was doing on the machines as well, hot damn! Although I probably shouldn't celebrate quite yet, I'm still too caught up in being too embarressed to do free weights. My motivation levels were still pretty high, and I was going to get in the pool but for one I only had a half hour and two I felt like I had been there long enough :) ...oh right and I spent some time studying...

Friday: TGIF! Actually in my schedule, Fridays are no easier than any other day of the week. Buuuut, if you remember how I said this week is alllllll about self care...I thought it would be in the best interest of myself to stay home from class AND my meeting. All the more time to get my run and swim on :) I struggled a bit on the treadmill though. As I was getting all amped up to run I realize my headphones had been chewed through....AGAIN! Darn kittens! So no music, haven't actually done an hour run without music yet, which left the door wide open for me to be completely aware of the knee pain. It wasn't horrible, but enough to get me off after 20 minutes and hop back on the elliptical. An hour of cross country and it was off to stretch. Pool time! I was really surprised by the number of people that try get in a dip on the lunch hour! But I managed to hop in a lane and get going. Lifting has really improved my stroke I have to say. Yet I was still pleasantly surprised when I was about to flip on the wall only to find a foot in my face....GAH! Haha some guy was trying to get my attention to ask me to share the lane but I still screamed, in the water I might add, because I was really startled. After 30 minutes though I was poooooped! Good enough for me, spent the remainder of the evening studying for that test, uhg that was painful. And I'm quite sure that Pete hates me for my inability to do basic math...which I might add is irrelevant to social work! Haha Rule number 76: No excuses, play like a champion! :)

Saturday: Getting up at 4:30 in the morning on a Saturday when you are not coming in from the night out, should be blasphemous!!! I mean driving to the test the sun hadn't even come up yet and I knew I wouldn't really even get to watch it because my mind was so preoccupied with the test. 11:45am....FREEEEEDOM! I swear that as soon as I put the period at the end of that sentence I slapped the test booklet closed and RAN out of that school! Four weeks from now karma will slap me in the face and tell me I didn't pass the math section, so I'll have to pay for the test again and go back, only to take the math section again. ewwww! And despite the need to want to workout after that I promised myself I would schedule a rest day. BUT! to cheer myself up I went to Target and bought some 3lb weights to run with and some ankle/wrist weights. I'm looking forward to trying them out tomorrow after partner yoga with Dani :)

Ok I think I am totally caught up. Keeping pace with myself.

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