Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Start of the Race

Today I officially registered for the 2011 Chicago Marathon!!!! The excitement that overcame me was without a doubt intoxicating! going through the registration process, enter biological information, do you want to buy this or that, donate to this organization, buy these photos, enter credit card number, and congrats, you are now registered for the marathon! It's funny how a 5 minute process makes such an impact on your life. Signing up means working out everyday, eating right, and drinking A LOT of water! A whole lifestyle change that I am fully prepared to take on.

For the past three weeks I have been kicking my ass in the gym so I can't wait to train for the run. It will be 8 long months and I suppose there will be plenty of times that I may run into an obstacle or two but I'm hoping this blog will help. Hopefully this will be a driving force for me, I want to keep track of my workouts and what I'm eating so that if i loose steam this will be a back up motivator.

Training for 26.2 miles.....ready.....set......GO!!!!

Mile count today: 6 miles

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