Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's the Little Things That Count

Yesterday was one of the best days I've had in a while. In fact, around 2pm I actually just stopped everything I was doing, stood in the middle of my living room and just thought, "Today has been a great day!" Not often does that happen...more so I'm usually sitting in class thinking, "Is it over yet?" haha.

As is typical, my morning wake up at 5am, but I'd be lying if I said at this point that I didn't like it or that I wasn't used to it. A few months ago I was convinced I would never, ever be a "true" morning know up before the sun. Which made me think I never wanna have kids because they would demand this type of thing of me. But a little motivation and a goal to work towards also demands sacrifice but in my mind it's a good one...unlike screaming children or changing dirty diapers :)

Well so and at work they are taking the internet off the computer, which actually is probably dumbest idea because that leaves me with nothing to do and it means I'll have to find other times to finish papers at the last moment. Lucky for me though they haven't taken it off of this computer yet...soakin' up the last few hours of procrastination! After work I had to dart right out and onto the bus to get to my internship. My supervisor, whom I don't think I said enough that I adore, decided we would be going out to pick up supplies for after school program, which was a nice change of pace from sitting in the office.

While we were out she and I had several nice long chats about things that were incredibly influential to me. Let me first just say that the characteristics about this woman that draw me in are strength, empathy and sense of pride in herself as an individual. She has had many unique experiences throughout her life and actually ended up serving in the military for some time. We chatted about this and I honestly have to admit that after listening to her talk about the benefits of the experience it is something that I plan on looking into and doing more research on. There is a lot of weight in the area of finances, the military will give you 50 thousand dollars toward your school debt, and while the government offers loan forgiveness after working in the field of human service for ten years, that's only on federal loans. And lord knows I have a crazy amount of private loans that I have no plan as to how I will repay them. There's also the point that my supervisor made that she felt like she was able to still keep in touch with her social work roots while in training. She said that most of the girls around her were young and she was like a mother goose, always helping them out, which was a good thing to hear. I haven't made any decisions yet and honestly I feel like I would need to do a lot of research before even saying I'm strongly considering it, but I think it was nice to know that there are options out there :)

So as I was saying, yesterday was a great day. After we finished errands and got back to the school my supervisor informed me that she would be taking a half day and told me to go home and relax. After hearing that I couldn't have been more excited, how many people can honestly say that their superior would tell them, "I'm taking a half day so you should too, go relax"? I feel like in today's day and age the work place is all about how much time, energy and effort one can squeeze out of its works and not about their well-being. This really helped instill my faith in the field I chose, that even though I have heard some horror stories and fear burn out, there are people out there that prove this wrong.

So now it is 2pm. I'm in my apartment with the afternoon at my disposal. Good moods often evoke the need for a spoiler, in which case I thought it would be a grand idea to order Thai food, and I didn't even mind when I realized I gave the delivery guy a $6 dollar tip haha. Life is good.

I decided to take a night off from my workouts. I was actually really ambivalent about this though, seeing as I got changed for the gym and left. But after a dead sprint for the bus and missing it by .25 seconds to avoid being hit by a car I figured that it would be ok to loaf around at home. Let me just say, I am happy I did. Caught up on a little junk t.v., the two weeks of the vampire diaries, which I know is really crappy teen-drama but it's a guilty pleasure that my mind loves to indulge in for the sake of a mental holiday.

Sleep didn't come as easy but I can't say I feel worn out or dragging. And even if I was I don't really have time to notice it :)

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