Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Be Patient and Tough, Someday this Pain will be Useful to You"

I love this quote. I first heard it at my internship, one of my coworkers and I were talking about how much we love motivational quotes and she shared this one with me and disclosed that it was her favorite one. Since then I have made it one of my "philosophies to live by" mainly because nearly everyday is an obstacle and there are usually more problems than there are uplifts. Just repeating this in my head does a world of good for me, and it reminds me that no task is ever too hard or ever too big to take on.

That being said, this has definitely been one of those weeks that I've needed to reference this phrase...A LOT! This may sound kind of funny or backwards but I have been trying to do workouts that kick my butt physically because every other aspect of my life kicks my butt mentally and emotionally....almost like reminding myself that I am strong enough on every level to tackle my everyday....ok go ahead and laugh at me, I know you want to. Or maybe you are thinking, "Girl you are so crazy!" I know, I'm told this on average 4-6 times a day :)

Anyways, a recap of the yesterday. Up at 5:30, out the door by 6:20, at work by 6:42...the usual. I emailed my supervisor the night before to let her know I would be in late to internship so I could get my workout in. I know I've said this before but God do I love this woman. Anyone who has enough respect for their intern to allow me to be flexible in my schedule so that I can incorporate more self protective factors like longer workouts to improve self care is a saint in my book!

I was able to get a 45 minute run in, with my weights (which was hard but I just keep telling myself it will get easier as my muscles build up tolerance!!!), some stretches/ crunches and a 25 minute swim in before I bolted for the locker room to get ready. 1:10pm. Sometimes I stop and think to myself if I counted the hours I spend at the gym/work I think it would add up to a significantly larger number than the amount of hours I'm expected to complete for my internship this year (which is 480). haha. I have just enough time to hop the 55 bus, connect to the 4 and arrive at the school to begin my proposal.

I'm absolutely ecstatic that I have the opportunity to create and facilitate a group for my 5th grade girls in the extended day program!!! I worked for probably 4 hours on this proposal, with slight interruptions from my wonderful friends on gchat :)

5pm. Time to run downtown to supervision. Catch the 4 bus, transfer to the red line at much commuting. Not to mention I completely blanked and forgot that it was rush hour so everyone was packed like sardines on the train....wanna hear a joke? Getting off the train at Chicago...hahahahaha!!! Somehow I managed to squeeze out and with an hour extra on my hands I decided to run over to Freshies, which is this amazing salad/wraps shop at the bottom of Water Tower Place...yum yum yum!!!

7pm. Despite it being kind of late, I love Wednesdays at 7pm because I get to go to Supervision where I can process everything from all three of my internships and problem solve ways to overcome obstacles. Plus, need I even say that my supervisor, (a different one from the school I was at earlier) is BEYOND AMAZING! Just when I start to feel overwhelmed and bitter towards something she hopes in there and re-instills my faith in the word I do and I love her so much for that!

8pm. Time to head to the library. I would say, overall, I am a pretty organized person and one of my biggest pet peeves is procrastination. Well....lets just say that I have a paper due tonight by 7 and another assignment to turn in around 1 that I had just barely touched on. The problem is both that I am completely unmotivated to do my school work and I didn't buy the books...correction, I didn't buy the right books which kind of screws me over for the portion of the paper that asked you to apply readings to your answer. So there I sat, for an hour making endless copies of these chapters with the books on reserve so I can finally make my way home and uhm, do these paper!? Nearly 7 dollars later and I have all that I need, I think, and I make the hour commute home on the 151 to the 6 to my apartment.

10:30pm. Coffee, coffee, coffee! I haven't had coffee in almost a month, it's been all about the green me some antioxidants!!! But lets just say this was a dire situation! I worked, diligently I may add, until about 12:30, hopping back and forth between the assignments. Writing for one, loosing motivation and switching to the other, until I felt the burn out. Also, I have to say that around 11:30 I received an email from my third supervisor regarding ANOTHER shooting around the school I work at. This made me so upset! After going through everything on Monday my heart just absolutely breaks for my kids! And whats more is that the administration is not doing nearly enough to protect them and to reassure them that this is not a normal thing in life, violence is NEVER OK! I am actually headed over there today, and while I will disclose that I am slightly worried about getting there ( I am taking the bus) I worry more about the emotional stability of my kids than anything.

So after that I opted for the choice of a 4 hours nights sleep and got up at 4:30 this morning to work some more on the paper. I can say that at 9:15 I have one paper done....but I should probably get back to the other one that's due at 7pm since I don't have much wiggle room after I get off work. I have high hopes today will be a better day than the last, and you never know about tomorrow so might as well make it great.

I just want to add one more thing too, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has a facebook page. If you go to it you can "Like" it and honestly, they have some really good articles on there sometimes. Much like this one:

Much Love,

Sam :)

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