Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Little Rest Goes A Loooooong Way

Ok, today was rough. Really rough. After being up at 5:30am, commuting for close to 2 hours, metra to metra, picking up the car and running to two stores I was poooooped! Despite that I was still ambitious enough to want to go workout. But in the back of my head I was thinking, "I'm too tired for this and I really don't have the time." With a little encouragement from Pete and I had a bag packed and both of us went to the gym. I must have been running on that treadmill for 4 minutes before my knee started to act up. Crap. Well I guess I'll slow my speed. Still hurts. Ok new plan, increase the incline to 10 and walk uphill. No dice. Ok decrease incline to 4 and increase speed. Wait what? How does that help. Ok walk, just fricken walk! One mile down. I can't push myself anymore and I'm throwing in the towel for today. That was a difficult decision to make because not once since I've been working out have I just given up on a workout. But my knee killed and I'd rather not hurt myself.

I really need to consider the concept of a rest day. I know they are important but if I don't workout I get grumpy and feel gross. Yup it's reached that level. I've been offsetting with the elliptical and I am also trying to lift weights and swim, sounds like a lot right? Well it is. Enough that I may end up doing two-a-days. But my hope is that if I'm not always running there will be less impact on my knees. Now I'm just waiting to see how long I can keep this up before my body starts protesting for a rest day....I'll keep you posted :)

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