Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One Month Madness

One month. Four weeks. For many of us this goes by in the blink of an eye. Sometimes the days of the week just drag but time always flies when we want to salvage it. As someone once told me, "Life goes on as you live it". As I sit here and think about this I'm instantly drawn to the idea that I just accomplished a month of IM training. Granted, I signed up for this so it's not like I thought I would be unsuccessful, but more so, I am now one month closer to the race. It gives me shivers. All the while I've tried to balance out my training with school, my internship, job searching, a social life and several part time jobs. My life has been like a revolving door the past few years, between going through undergrad, jumping from different part-time jobs, apartments and life events, I am ready to have some sense of stability and finally stop the round-about movements. In a month I'll have my MSW, hopefully followed by a job and a new apartment. Part of me is driven to work harder because I strive to have stability in my life for as long as possible. Sometimes this catches me up though because when change needs to be made or comes about I don't always attend to the situation immediately. This is not the most desirable personality quark but I like to think that there are times when this comes in handy....maybe. Anyways, the point I'm trying to make is that having a training plan offers me a sense of stability: I have a workout laid out for me everyday and that doesn't change. Not to mention I am expected to accomplish this task in order to work towards the ultimate goal of finishing the half. Sometimes my workouts take priority over other life events because of the strong sense/need to meet this task but having something to work for is better than nothing.

Week four. Check in time. I met up with Steph in the same place we started prior to training. We talked about nutrition and how I should be consuming more calories while working out more. She also talked to me about fueling during workout. Now I'm pretty familiar with the fuel types from running and I already have a good sense of what works for me. One good suggestion she made: Find out what type of gateraid they are using on the course and see if it works for me. GENIUS!!! Now i just have to do it :P