Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weighed Down

I have such a love-hate relationship with Sundays. On the one hand I have a whole day to be productive....maybe....but then again it's also the last day of the weekend! On this particular Sunday I decided to take the productive route. In which case I went out to Lincoln Park to visit my besties, well one of them, the other two have busy lives on Sundays apparently. Dani and I ended up going to Lulu Lemon over on Halsted to take a free partners yoga class...and it was crazy fun!!!! I haven't done yoga in I don't even know how long and so the first half hour was all about individual stretches and poses, which I have to admit after repeating so many times, was a little hard! Dani and I had a ball making sexual innuendos to each other while doing the partner portion of the class. Needless to say we were essentially stretching one another out but in very close proximity hahaha. Love you D! And there is no better way to cool down from yoga than french toast! Well, mostly because I don't think I have had a better plate of it than Dani's, so there we sat on the couch, watching 27 dresses, sweaty but completely relaxed and loose from the class.

Ok I have to admit, as soon as I got home I felt like I got hit by a bus! I literally laid down for a 30 minute power nap which turned into 2 hours...yikes! The funny part in all of this is the fact that when I got up I decided that what I wanted to do was go to the gym. Crazy right? Well it would be but remember how I said I had purchased weights the day before? I was ridiculously excited to try them out!!! (I also posted a picture on here of what one of the pairs looks like, please note....mine are blue! haha). So Sunday is supposed to be elliptical and weights day, but for some reason my brain forgot that and I put myself on a treadmill. Uhm. can I just say, even 5 extra pounds on your wrist makes running hard! I did a thirty minute run, with some hills before I abandoned ship and headed for the elliptical. No hard feelings treadmill but that workout on the elliptical was great! The weights were a great add on as I was doing the ski-like motion. I didn't feel like being too ambitious though, so I left the weights off as I lifted. Overall, great workout but at the end of it I came home and passed out.....it was lovely!!! :)

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