Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Two-A-Days Tuesdays

One of the best things that I have found about owning cats is they make excellent snuggle buddies AND, get this, they even double up as alarm clocks! Nearly every night before I fall asleep, Linus will hop up on the bed with me and walk all over my stomach and chest, rubbing his face on mine and just be more adorable than there are words to describe. He often likes to repeat this process at around 4 in the morning. What's more, every time my alarm goes off he jumps up on the bed, if he isn't there already, to make sure that I get up. I'm incredibly impressed with his ability to associate this noise with my getting up, what a smart kitty!

Any who, today's Tuesday was just like every other Tuesday, opening the gym at 5:45 and having approximately just enough time to sneak in an hour workout before having to rush off to internship. I have to admit I was really bummed because last week I took off on Tuesday and Wednesday to "study" for my basic skills test, which ultimately meant me working out longer to try and relax. So going from having an unlimited amount of time at my disposal to needing to meet a deadline was a bit stressful. The only option I really had for today was to do a "two-a-day" workout and split my weights and cardio up.

After a great hour of interval cardio on the elliptical I stole a few more minutes to get a good stretch and some abs in. Yesterday my hammies hurt so bad I literally laid on the floor and demanded that Pete stretch me. Next step is to dig into the kitchen draw, pull out the rolling pin and roll those suckers out.

A hop, skip and a jump later and I'm at my elementary school running circles around myself with proposals, phone calls and copies that 5:30 came with a blink of an eye and I needed to tell myself that I couldn't go home yet because I needed to finish my workout. If I had just started working out last week this kind of motivation would be shot, BUT since I have fallen into this crazy intense mindset that I have to meet the standards I set for myself, it wasn't a problem. Although, I intended on getting in the pool as well but decided against it since it wasn't technically a swim day and getting in the pool meant changing into my suit, swimming, getting out, getting showered, getting changed and going home with a wet head...too much!

..oh and when I got home there was a nice bowl of mac-n-cheese sitting on the table for me compliments of the chef. And despite trying not to eat as much "crap" food, boxed noodles never tasted so good :)

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