Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Last But Not Least...

Ok. Lets be honest, yesterday was a really difficult day to get through. Besides the normal obstacle of it being a Monday, I decided to postpone my workout til later in the evening so that I could spend time with Pete and make breakfast together. All would have gone as plan if he would have gotten his lazy butt up out of bed. So I'm a little miffed. It's 9am and I have a full day ahead of me without any endorphins.

The next challenge was when I found out that the School of Social Work failed to inform me that I would not be allowed to do interviews for my second year placement without the scores of my Basic Skills Test....which I haven't taken yet. The next test is Saturday and then there isn't another one until April. With the push from one of my supervisors and mentors in one of my internship placements, I managed to clear out my schedule for Saturday and pay the disgusting sum of $176 to sit for this test.

Now it's 6pm. And snowing like a mother....outside. I don't have a car and a 4 bus just past me up. So I stand outside, for well over 10 minutes waiting for the next one and arguing with myself in my head as to whether or not to just flag a cab. This sucks. Today sucks. And all I want to do it go home and sleep. BUT I haven't gotten my workout in yet...fabulous!

So with what little motivation I have left I hop on the bus and then strut my stuff 4 blocks down to the gym, nearly busting my butt 4-7 times on the layer of freshly collected snow. With the theme of the day being, "Everything has to be more difficult than is typical" of course there would be no machines available when I get there. Correction. There were machines open but they were already signed up for. So I caught one at 6:30, thirty minute wait but I still need to get changed and all that jazz....no biggie. But of course I would sign up for the machine with the person on it before that "thought she signed up until 6:45..." Whatever lady just stay on the machine another 15 minutes.

6:40. I'm on the treadmill. I really don't want to run, but I'm here, I've braved the elements and the crazy gym people so RUN! I managed to get 5 miles done in under an hour (57 minutes-ish) which is good because normally I am pushing to meet that mark by the end. I ran on a 5.5 mph mark the majority of the time. It was a bit difficult, I remember having to talk myself through it but felt really accomplished when it was done. :)

After feeling really good about the run I decided to get into the pool. A thirty minute swim was just what I needed! After starting back in the weight room, swimming freestyle was extremely easy on my muscles and I pounded out a good number of laps.

I went home that night feeling absolutely amazing! I was in such a good mood and my body felt great, and honestly I could care a little bit less about the fact that I have a huge test Saturday I haven't started studying for....

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