Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Week One: Coach Knows Best

One week down.....geeeesh I don't want to think about how many there are left to go. But it was a great first week, I will say that. I'm happy to be getting back into the pool consistently and to have a schedule of things that need to get done every day. My Type A personality is beyond pleased to have a few more things to add to the daily 'To-Do' see there is a huge sense of gratification that comes with crossing them off....kind of like that good feeling you get from popping bubble wrap.....or maybe that's just me. Anyways, things seem pretty light for now but my awesomely-amazing coach, Stephanie, knows me well enough that in the corner of my training log she wrote "Don't do a lot of extra heavy lifting and rest on the rest days!" Now I do solemnly swear that I am going to do my best with this, but! I ended up doing a leg lifting workout on Thursday, and I went heavy....and added some stuff in there. I paid for it hard the next day. My legs wrote a check my booty couldn't cash! So the next day (Friday) my 6 mile run was HARD! My butt felt like it weighted an extra 7lbs and my legs were screaming at me like, "What the hell are you doing crazy lady?!" But I got it done! Lesson learned: Don't do a heavy legs workout the day before a run.

The weekend was a double bike weekend. I'm actually really happy Steph has me biking as much as she does because lord knows I need it! Saturday I ended up going to the gym but I told myself I would set up my trainer by the end of the day. For goodness sakes I'd had it for over a week and still hadn't moved it. Plus I have a membership to two different gyms but there are times when I just don't want to be around people, or share equipment, I know, I'm such a brat! But really. So Sunday morning I did my first ride on the trainer. It went really well, plugged in my pandora and just let it go for 2 hours, feeling out the switching of gears and being on my bike for 120 minutes. I'm not gonna lie, I had every intention of going to the gym after that ride but, much like Steph told me, I was tired, my legs were tired and I didn't feel like doing anything extra. So I called it a day. But made sure to have a recovery drink :)

<--- (ice, protein powder, almond milk, banana, peanut butter, blended all up to all of its deliciousness)

 Now, in closing, I would like to acknowledge that I respected my rest day on Monday, mostly because by the time I got off work I ended up passing out for a nap BUT! It was so hard to not feel like I was losing a day of fitness, or that I was getting "weak". Which is why I guess with training, the physical activity is only half the battle. 

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