Thursday, January 3, 2013

Morning Maniac && The "Grandma" Complex

There is nothing fun about 4am, EVER! Which is why my alarm goes off at 4:15....that extra 15 minutes is a necessary buffer that allows me to convince myself that I am not CERTIFIABLY insane. So I told myself, last week, that I wanted to try and start getting back into my 5am workout routine because training was starting next week (this week) and I would inevitably have to start then anyways. I'm a go-getter :) Well, the first day went alright, I was motivated and ready to take on a heavy lift....not to mention my training partner called me at 4:25 to make sure I was up. The second day was slightly more difficult but I made it in. By the third day I had decided I wasn't up for it...literally, I stayed in bed.

I can definitely speak to the fact that your body goes through changes, unlike anything puberty ever prepared me for. I first noticed these changes when I couldn't sleep past 7am. When all the rest of the normal human population is asleep I am wide awake, ready to take on the world. But it ricochets back at me when I start to feel fatigued around 7pm and by 9pm if I haven't already crawled into bed you will probably find me passed out in a corner somewhere. It's a hard life, let me tell you....for my 24th birthday mind you, I was struggling to stay awake at 10:30pm. Now I was at a bar, my best friend was bar tending and she thought for some reason that if she kept feeding me liquor I'd wake up. No such thing, because as soon as midnight hit, and we took my birthday shot I stood up, looked at the friend I brought with me and go "we out". 

I like to refer to this state of being as the "Grandma complex". My body is on a track unlike any other 20-something-year old, which is probably why I get so much grief from my friends when I'm not making coherent statements passed 8pm. I've embraced my inner Grandma though and decided, hell, grandma ain't gonna have a body like this one! :) Which actually reminds me, the other change, which I actually really like, is how much I eat. Every hour, almost on the hour, I'm eating something--protein bar, banana, almonds, apple--I'm gorging. My coworkers make fun of me because I'm always pulling food out of my bag, like Mary Poppins, it never ends. I'd say this is a good change to have,

 So here's to early to bed, and early to rise and eating like I've never seen food before :)

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