Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sammi's Hammies

When I was younger, one of the nicknames that was given to me was "Sammi's Hammies". Most of my life I was quite the chunk-ster and that was no exception to my thighs. My parents, and some of my close family members, found it to be quite humorous to tickle me and say over and over again, "I've got Sammi's Hammies, Sammi's Hammies..." Maybe I have painted a charming picture for you of this special moment of engagement between child and adult...but let me tell you something....it was absolute torture! While I hate to admit it, I'm a pretty tickalish person so this interaction was probably funny to the one who looked on, but dreadful for the one with the Hammies!

Nearly two decades later and I still think about these memories, and I laugh about it now, as I reminisce about the days when chubby nicknames weren't taken as harshly. But as I've been training I've found that the part of me that gets cramped or soar the most is my hammies. As much as I have tried to stretch I feel like I hold myself a little differently and walk a little funny to avoid as much of the tension build up as possible in Sammi's Hammies.

I worry a little bit about getting hurt during my training and I fear not being able to run in the race I've worked so hard to prepare for. I should probably do some more research on things to do for soar muscles. And who knows, maybe I'm pushing too hard, but even still I'm enjoying the ride because even though my muscles are soar I feel a great sense of accomplishment knowing that the soarness will eventually turn into strength.

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