Thursday, March 10, 2011


Restlessness. The one downside of being a busy person is not being able to sleep. My 5:30 am wake up call means I should not be typing a post on here at 2:58am because my body refuses to shut down. And I think it would be slightly immature to say that my cat, whose paw is currently laying on my keyboard, is the reason I'm up. She likes to cuddle, while simultaneously nuzzling with her claws out...ouch! I mean I guess that's what initially woke me up but I can't even begin to decide what's keeping me up....maybe it was the cup of coffee I had at 4:30pm....or maybe it's the stress of deadlines approaching (which thinking about over spring break kind of makes me a nut job)...or one of the 800 things I was ranting about in my last post. Either way my brain won't shut down. And I know around 9:30 I'll be regretting this, as I hope for an second wind in my workout, which will only prove to be a letdown as kick my butt on the elliptical, weights and the pool.

...So I guess I'll just lay here, marinating in my thoughts and creating "To-Do" lists in my head that I will no doubt disregard later not because I'm lazy but because my memory is starting to betray me. At the fine age of 22 I believe I am getting a case of "old-timers". At the same time though I swore to myself that I would deactivate my facebook for a while because I waste a lot of time that I don't have looking at it...and lets be honest, it's a little creepy to know everything that's going on in someone's life before they even tell you. Anyways that's my hodg-podge rant and I think I feel a wave of tired coming on so I'm gonna ride it. Sweet dreams.

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