Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stop. Drop. & Stretch.

One thing I have noticed while living in the city is that Chicagoan folk looooove to talk about the weather! And who can blame them since the weather here is always crazy unpredictable. The funny part is that I always end up running on the days that are the crummiest. So while Tuesday is my running day it will probably be 40 and raining but then Monday was probably 65 and sunny. But then I tell myself when you're running a race you don't get to pick what the weather is gonna be like. Glass half full right? Well that and honestly I like running in that chilly, slight drizzly, "Boston-esk" weather, I know I'm crazy I got that down.

Well so I went for a run yesterday on the lake path and I was really enthusiastic about it because the weather actually was really nice. Not too hot but sunny and inviting. It wasn't until I actually hit the path though that I realized I would be running the first half of the distance against the wind. Let me just tell you, NOT FUN! I was legit getting pissed off, at what? Yup, the wind! And of course because I laugh at my own jokes I thought to myself, "This brings new meaning to the phrase, 'Blow Me'". haha. But this isn't even the worst of it, oh no.

I get about 3 miles out on my 8 mile run and my butt muscle starts to cramp. No biggie, just run through it right? Yea well it got to be so debilitating that moving was actually hurting. I pulled off to the side and literally started rubbing my butt. Take a minute and start back up again. Well my butt wasn't having that so I laid down in the grass and started to stretch, I was not about to give up on this run. I had to sacrifice 2 miles on my run Saturday so I wasn't about to compromise 4 or 5 now. To ensure that I was doing things right I used a life line and called out to two of my friends who have some athletics training background. Both of them essentially told me to do the same stretch, so there I laid in the grass on the lake path as runners and bikers passed me with my leg stretch over my body desperately hoping this would fix my butt long enough to finish the run.

After a few minutes and increments of 10 second stretches I got back up and tried to feel out how I that possible? haha. Well I started to jog on it and I didn't have a sharp pain in my butt so I figured I was good to go and just took off. It hurt a little as I finished my miles but not to a point that I felt like I needed to stop. And I didn't stop when I got off the path, I ended up running to the gym so I could use the cylinder thing to roll out.

I wasn't actually worried about my butt cramp....maybe I should be using the term "glut" I think that's the P.C. version right? Eh, anyways I wasn't worried about it until today when I was doing strength training and was having a hard time doing my side planks and obliques because my butt/glut was starting to hurt. I walked around a little sore today and the thing is it's only my left side. One of my friends was telling me that you're sore because you're gaining muscle. Well if that's the case then my left is gonna be bigger than my right.....haha. No but I am a little worried about this pain, especially since I have the Soldier Field 10 miler on Saturday. I was hoping to run it for time but now that I may be "nursing an injury" I may just have to run it just to finish. This is kind of disheartening. I'm thinking the best thing to do is to do my regularly scheduled run tomorrow and see how it goes. Rest Friday and then kick butt on Saturday :)

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