Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another BRICK in the wall

One of my staple workouts throughout this training are the BRICKS....which are bike and run days. I've actually grown to really enjoy these workouts because of how the transition feels. The funny feeling in your legs and feet going from a cycling motion to running was something I wasn't used to, but hey, one foot after another right?

So I did a few of these in the gym, because they would be short and I would just go from the stationary bike to the treadmill. Dear god do I hate the treadmill! I used to be able to run that thing into the ground but now it just seems so monotonous that it actually became  extremely difficult for me to mentally push through the whole workout. While I was outside I would go for my bike ride and then have to go into my apartment, drop off my bike, change my shoes, take off my jersey and if I sat down...even for a minute....all bets were off! But that's the interesting thing about training, it's not just a physical thing. I actually saw a guy wearing a shirt in one of the last races I did and it said, "I'll train my mind, my body will follow". How true is that? If you can't tell yourself to keep going, don't stop, you're body isn't going to disregard that.

Another thing that I really had to get used to were the shoes. I have never worn biking shoes before but as you can imagine, since they clip into the peddles, there's a big bulky clip on the end of them. Running in them was a bit tricky....the first time I thought I was tripping over my feet because the front was elevated. When I compete in my race I'll have to run a bit with the shoes on...hopefully I don't make a fool out of myself and actually trip!

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