Monday, February 6, 2012

Prevention && Early Intervention

How often do you notice the little quirky things about yourself that in the moment make you laugh at yourself? I do it almost every day....yup that's right I laugh at myself on a daily, maybe even hourly basis. Like just now, I must have sat and pondered the title for this post for a solid 15 minutes because the truth is that I can't write a new post without a title. Why is that, you may ask? Well maybe it's because I am too much of a Type A personality for my own good or maybe it's because I need a direction to work towards and having a title is an essential part of that. Who knows. The funny part in all of this though is that I "borrowed" the title from one of my readings for a grad class. (Maybe I should have sited it in APA?) Thinking back on the assignment I really couldn't tell you what I was reading about, it was probably for my brief treatment class, but the irony I think falls on the fact that I am totally dweeeebing out and making a connection between Sam the social worker and Sam the Triathlete in Training.

So get this, I have at least half a dozen kids that I work with in my high school that are in desperate need of some motivation....or a good kick in the ass....BUT the good old NASW Code of Ethics says otherwise :P Anywho, I have been trying all kinds of interventions from grade sheets to behavior plans, to adding new goals....all topped off with extra extra EXTRA positive feedback and encouragement. What else could you ask for right? Well so in my mind I am thinking, "I don't understand why these kids just don't get have to go to class, you have to get good grades and you have to graduate if you want to move on with your life." But it's a million times more frustrating when they don't see it that way.

Frustration is a funny feeling though, it's like anger and disappointment all rolled into a ball of tension. At this point I had to take a moment and think what in my life frustrates me more than watching my kids fail? And I was like 'Well that's an obvious one, my knee bumming out on me and not being able to run for at least two weeks'. (I think this is the point when many people would insert comments like, "Well if that's all you have to be frustrated about..." or "Big whooop Sam". Yea, yea, yea I got it.) But there's just something about driving past the lake path and knowing that I can't run it. I tried to push my limits and did lower mileage runs but it was no use, my knee was starting to bruise and was swollen more than I wanted to admit. So despite my natural tendency to be hard-headed and stubborn, I gave in to the pain for the sake of still being able to compete in the Iron Man, and went to the doctor. She gave me a prescription for an anti-inflammatory and told me not to run on it for two weeks--continue on the elliptical, in the pool and with weights.

I'm a week into the medication and almost a month off my running routine. Glass half full: my knee is feeling better, it still hurts sometimes (and makes this awkward cracking noise when I haven't moved it in a while) but nothing like what it was....and the bruises went away! Glass half empty: not being able to run SUCKS! I would like to take a moment and thank all of those WONDERFUL friends of mine that have sent me texts or made snide comments like, "Wow it's such a great day for a run!" ....thanks guys! So I have my doctors appointment next Saturday, which means that run I've been holding out for is right around the corner. I'm thinking this upcoming Thursday (hopefully the weather is nice) I'll bundle up, grab my knee brace and hit the trail. So I'll have a better idea of where I'm at after that, just keeping my fingers crossed that I don't have to go to the ortho :/

The other really exciting thing is that I have my first consultation with my Iron Man coach. Meet Stephanie, she's pretty much my hero. I met her almost a year ago when I started working at the gym. She came in one day wearing an Iron Man hat and I was floored. I immediately professed my love and desire to complete an Iron Man and that I was beyond impressed that she had done which she replied, "Oh, I've actually done 4." What a champ. So when I ran into her more recently I was ecstatic to tell her the news that I had signed up for my first Half Iron Man. Little did I know that her response would be more helpful than I had imagined when she told me she was a coach and that if I was interested she would love to work with me. Um, YES!!! I must have sent her an email 2 seconds after she walked out the door and I was in pure bliss. I am looking forward to working with Steph as my coach and I feel like it will be really helpful to have her feedback through this process.

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