Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Concrete Calls My Name Again

Motivation. Drive. Empowerment.

Motivation gives us a foundation to build off of, Drive gives us the focus and energy to follow through, and Empowerment gives us the strength to do it again, only better this time.

This week was full of highs for me, starting with race registrations! Now despite the fact that my friends all call me crazy I have caught on to their little tricks. Calling me crazy and then telling me you want to sign up to run a race with me makes you only slightly hypocritical....but it's ok, we'll let it slide this time, only because I love knowing that you want to try something new and that you want me to be a part of that :) That being said, I finally kicked my butt into gear and signed up for more of my races for 2012. As it stands I am currently registered to run:

1) The Shamrock Shuffle--March 25th
2) Soldier Field 10 Miler--May 26th
3) Chicago Half Marathon--September 9th
4) Chicago Marathon--October 7th.

AND OF COURSE.....My Half Iron Man on July 15th.

After Saturday's visit to the Doc I finally got the green light to start running again!!!! I was, obviously, beyond stoked! She gave me some info on how to strengthen my quads and hammies more so that it would take the pressure off my knee some and told me about some supplementary exercises to do 3-4 times a week. And if all else fails, which I hope it doesn't, she said she'd send me to a PT if my knee acts up again. I'm hoping to beat my time from the Shuffle last year but being out because of my knee has put me behind a little. My first run back on the lake path was so smooth though, I got about 3 miles out and figured it would be smart not to push it and made the 3 mile trek back. I'm still running with my brace, only because I'm worried about taking away the extra support while my knee is still healing, and it helped since I was not in nearly as much pain as I was before. Some slight pain on the left side but heck no swollen-ness or feeling like I can't walk, hot damn I call that a good day!!!

Being me, I've hit the trail both Saturday and Sunday since being told I can run again. Each time I can't help but think about how awesome this weather is for February! I mean 40 degrees is kind of chilly, especially when you're only wearing shorts and a long sleeve T, but that is due to my own stupidity. Yet, at the same time there is something about losing all of the feeling in your body as you start off your run and slowly gaining it back with every mile you meet. That sounds kind of silly, and yes maybe a little crazy, but the way I see it the feeling of, well, not being able to feel your fingers, toes, legs arms, etc, kind of sucks, but as I got out to mile 2 I started to gain some of that feeling back and it drove me to keep going until finally I was on mile 5 headed into 6 and I had the feeling of my whole self back.

I had a pretty good sprint workout going today, but it only reminded me how much I really hate doing sprint workouts :P I've also added more leg lifting into my routines but have only come to find that with that comes more lactic acid build up in my quads and hammies. Hopefully yoga will even that out some.

The last two updates I guess I should mention is that I'm meeting with Steph on Thursday for our first meeting to discuss a training plan. Which also means that in 22ish days my life will probably become even more dull than it already is as I have to adjust my diet, sleeping and workout schedules. Aaaaand finally I am getting my PAWS page into gear because apparently I have to raise $1,000 dollars instead of $600....but I accept the challenge :)

Until Thursday, I'll be hitting the pavement hard because the greatest pleasure in life, is doing the things people say we cannot do :)

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