Monday, October 10, 2011

Thank Yous!!!!


I want to take a few moments to thank EVERYONE who has been a part of this amazing experience. First and foremost, the race would have been nothing without all the volunteers that were there that day, cheering on, handing out water, medical assistance, etc. Not to mention all of the spectators that had extra stuff like pretzels, jolly ranchers and oranges!!! Super awesome!!!

Then there is everyone at the gym that has been along for my marathon trip the whole time. Every morning I had someone asking me how my training was going, and giving me tips on things like stretching and eating. I didn't participate in the CARA training program this year, bc I didn't know there was one in hyde park, but having this great community of runners to talk to and get feedback from really helped keep me going. In particular thank you to Shauna Anderson, Carrissa Sain, Sidra James, & April Harkness.

I also want to thank Vinnie Bahl for helping with weight lifting. I had never seriously lifted weights in my life and he took the time out to show me how to use the machines and what they would do. I appreciate all of the time effort and energy you gave to me Vin!

Thank you to everyone who donated to my American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) Fund. It was great to run for a cause and next year I think I will partner with the PAWS running team because I have two of best cats from there and I think every animal deserves a good home. But donators include: Linda Lavery, Becky Schmitt, Megan Ulery, Jim & Michelle Steele, Karen & Roy Matiya, Marek Sobiech & Ilona Sobiech, Peter Sobiech, Katie Trela and Allison, Steve & Peter Horton. Thank you all so much in helping me along in my goal.

Thank you to Alison Kool, who helped me get through the 20 miler and started me off strong for the marathon. What an amazing girl to have worked so hard and finished her first marathon as well. CONGRATS ALISON!!!! YOU'RE AMAZING!!!! Also I have to thank her brother, Bill Kool, who was there for the 20 miler with a cow bell at almost every mile marker and was also there to start both of us off at the marathon. I ran into him around mile 15 and it was pretty great to have someone making sure you're still goin' strong. Thanks Bill! (And Good Luck in your next marathon!!!!)

A special Thank You to Megan Ulery, for staying over with me the night before, helping me get ready in the morning (doing my hair and making sure I didn't forget anything) BUT especially for being a STELLAR athletic trainer and friend to me after the race....she's probably most of the reason I could walk afterwards.

Thank you to all of my friends who came out to the race, Lauren Tarpey, Katie Trela, Isabelle Collazo, Shauna Anderson, Sarah Spunt, and anyone else who I didn't get to see but came out, THANK YOU! Also! if you were following me by text, thank you!!! (Especially Michele Koehler who had gone through one heck of a crazy week but was still super supportive!!) It was great to have so many people connected to me and every time I stepped over the time clocker I would think, "Well now they know where I'm at!"

An extra big THANK YOU! to Mrs. Ulery, Asia Sobiech, Grandma Steele, Aunt Michelle, Uncle Jim, Courtney, Matthew, Abbey, and Isabelle Collazo for actually jumping into the race with me! You guys helped A LOT and it was great to run with you!!!!! :)

Thank you to Lauren Tarpey, for helping me get pumped up the day before the race! She was great to go to breakfast with me and then the Marathon Expo. She's also been one of the best friends someone could ask for and a pretty bomb-ass runner herself :)

Thank you to my Grandma Matiya, Aunt Allison and cousin Peter for flying in all the way from Texas to see me! It's such a great feeling to know that your family cares about you enough to book a flight and hotel to see you run your first marathon. I feel so loved :)

Ok I'm almost done, just wanna make sure I get everyone.....

Thank you to my Dad who took time to come down and see me, it meant a lot to me popsicle <3

Thank you to Joe Kenahan, who I called on several times for advice with running, shoes, etc.

To Vicky Ha, who would continuously tell me I was crazy, in a good way, and that I was her hero :)

And to Dani Samons, who did several races with me and encouraged me throughout.

AND FINALLY! Thank you to everyone else!!!! Everyone who commented on Facebook, texted me, called me and was just there for me overall! I love you all soooo sooo much and you truly made this experience so much more real for me!!!!



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