Monday, April 1, 2013

Catching Up

I told myself I wanted to stay on top of my blog this time around training because I enjoy going back to old posts and reviewing what I've gone through. It's also a good reminder of what NOT to do. But life happens and the last few weeks have been less than smooth sailing. Work dropped a heavy load as some of my kids were wrapping up community service projects and others were beginning. But spring break finally came and I took a few much needed days of vacation. I got my workouts in but it's safe to say that they weren't my first priority. Only three months into training and I feel like I've learned so much about my body and it's boundaries.

So now it's April. Which means that I am officially in-season training. This means longer weekend workouts and more time outside. I'm nothing less than ecstatic to be at this point, but there's also a lot of nervousness that comes along with it. That much closer to Madison and I want nothing more than to make mistakes now so I know how to handle them later.....which also sounds terrifying.

 But also on my plate currently are this list of goals I put together in January, and wanted to accomplish for myself. As of now I'm looking at one of my tests for social work coming up in 2 weeks, applications out the wazooo for new jobs AND I just found a new apartment. A lot of ground covered in the last few weeks but it's nice to sit back and look at all of that knowing that I accomplished that much WHILE fitting training in. I'll also be starting, part-time, at Fleet Feet. I'm really hoping this position will offer me more of a connection to the running-triathlete world that is within Chicago. But the extra income helps too :)

Time is definitely my most valuable resource right now. I'm looking at 2 months-ish until my first race at Big Foot. I'm antsy to race, that's for sure, but being a shorter distance I'm really hoping to RACE this one and come in with a good time. Only time will tell though ;)

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