Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bike Bargain

Take your time. Be patient. Don't rush in. All sayings I've heard countless times growing up...and even still to this day. But see here's the thing, since I was young, I've always done things sporadically and in haste. When I was a child, before I knew how to actually swim, if I saw someone in the pool I would do a hop, skip and a jump towards them and just hope for the best. In some cases these decision making skills have worked out for the best, but there have been other instances when it really came back to bite me in the arse. And if you were wondering, I didn't drown, so I guess that one worked out alright.

So this weekend I told myself I would stop procrastinating on starting my hunt for a triathlon bike. Thiis whole process of getting fitted, finding out what I needed and then actually finding a bike sounded exhausting, and to be honest it sounded like it would take a lot of time. Time is the most precious resource to me, mostly because I never have any. The funny thing is that I wear this cheap little $30 Target watch on my wrist and it hardly ever comes off, and it helps me keep things in my life structured....for the most part.

Ok so back to the bike. I went to Element Multisport with one of my friends this weekend to get the fitting out of the way. I really love this store and the sales associates. So I went in with the mindset that I wouldn't be buying a bike, but that I was interested in getting it soon. Something for a beginner but good enough to race IMOO in...and preferably around $1500 or less. The guy, Ed, was really helpful and showed me a few that were inciting but a little more than I wanted to spend. Just as I had thought we were done he says to me, "Actually, I do have this one bike, in your size, for about $1,000"

These types of things don't happen in real life. Ok, well they do, because it did to me. I looked at my friend Kris and my eyes lit up. He goes, "Looks like someone is getting a tri bike today!" I had to laugh because he was all too right! I went for a test ride around the parking lot and knew from that moment that I had fallen in love at first ride! Ed didn't have to do any more convincing, although I did call my coach to get a final yay or nay but I was already sold. So I handed over my credit card and any hopes of a social life for the next few months and became the proud owner of a Ridley Phaeton :)

Now all I need is a really cool/badass name for it.....

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