Monday, September 10, 2012

Run, Run as Fast as you Can!!!

Hot damn did it feel good to get off that bike!!!! I ran back over to my transition spot and mounted that bad boy. Time for the run! I threw off my jersey and kicked off my shoes. "What do I need", I thought. Well my race belt for one and maybe some more body glide...chafing is probably worse than body fatigue when it comes to pain. As I was lacing up my gym shoes I looked down and noticed the little 5 hour energy bottle I added in with my stuff. I hadn't really raced with caffeine before, and I wasn't completely toasted but a nice little caffeine kick wouldn't hurt. I threw back half of the bottle and was on my way. On the way out toward the transition I came across a guy who already had his medal and finished. I congratulated him and he offered me some ice. I took it gladly because at this point the temps had risen a lot and I needed to cool off my core I threw it down my sport bra.

Running out on the course I told myself, "This is the last part of the race and it's only 13've done 13 miles over and over again, this will be nothing!" It's a good thing I had that motivation and mindset because within the first mile of the run I was going down a steep hill only to go back up on the other side. Shit, and I have to do this twice!? No matter, I kept on going. Seeing the photographers at the top of the hill made me hustle...had to look "pretty for the camera"....right! Pretty after 60ish miles, good one Sam! Either way I kept a good pace for the first six miles and developed a pretty good system where I would run every mile and then walk at the aid station to throw back water, eat a few pretzels (even though at this point the last thing I wanted to do was eat) followed by another cup of water and come ice down the front and back of my sports bra.

I got to the half way point, which ironically enough is also where the finish line is. The sucky part? You had to do two laps before you could cross you literally have to run past the finish line and mentally overcome the fact that you have another 6 miles until you will get to see it again. Womp, womp, WOMP! But I ran past it, and I ran hard! Some of the people watching along the way held hands out for high fives and I just yell back, "Hell yea! Six more miles!!" Their faces dropped and one of them goes, "You're nuts!" I had a good laugh and mid-laugh I ran past Liv and Brian! What luck! I didn't stop though, just slowed down fast enough to yell, "See you guys soon, six more!" I was ready to go!

That damn hill. The second time around my hips were crying and I decided to not be a hero and I walked up it. I walked next to this guy and we shared a few words. He and I would play tag for the remainder of the race....but I would beat him out....significantly :P The hardest mile for me was between 9 and 10. I'm still not sure why this happens but when I was on the bike I started to feel the need to burp. From there on I was burping every few minutes and every time felt AMAZING! But for some reason I couldn't burp! I'm sure you're all enjoying reading about this right now and are thoroughly grossed out but I was miserable. This was the first time I walked since the hill and as I walked I tried "burping" myself....pats on the back. Let me tell you, when I got it, I was THRILLED and just took off!

Miles 10-13 were great! Besides the fact that it was hotter than hell and I felt the need to pee on myself (which means I guess I was doing a decent job hydrating) I ran well. Despite all that I had gone through I tried to pass as many people as possible on my way in and when that finish line was in site you bet I was upping my the distance on the beach I heard the LMFAO song 'Sexi and I know it' and I rocked out all the way to the narrow strip that was the finish line.....

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