Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pre-Race Pump Up

Ok so I rolled around in bed for a while, trying to tell myself I needed sleep. But my body just wasn't buying it. Alivia tried to help, she went to bed at the same time (which mind you was probably like 8 or 9pm). I think at this point Brian went down to sit in the hot tub but came back shortly after to disclose that he felt really uncomfortable sitting down there with children. But he walked in just in time to hear me howl out in laughter while simultaneously falling off the bed. What the hell was I laughing at? When it comes to me and Liv it never matters, you can always count on us being over-the-top, ridiculous. Then again it's been like that since we moved in together our freshmen year of college.

3:30 am

My alarm is going off on the desk next to me. It scared me out of my sleep that I jumped out of bed and grabbed it. I didn't even need the second, third or eleventh alarm that I had set (for cautionary reasons of course...I actually almost slept through my first half marathon because my alarm didn't go off!). I looked glamorous as I strutted my stuff down to the hotel lobby in my spandex, ironman hoody and Brian's eight-sizes-too-big shoes. I was actually happy that I made it out of the room with that much. So I sat down in the lobby, eating a little, having a cup of coffee and scanning Fbook/twitter/etc. I tried to stay with as much of the morning routine as possible....despite the fact that there were people already dressed and ready to go. This made me really nervous so I gave up around 4:15 and headed back up to the room. I can honestly say that I gave it my best shot when it came to being quiet when I walked in but by 4:30 all bets were off


Had this not been my race and my weekend I'm pretty sure Alivia and Brian would have killed me for waking them up at 4:30. But I not only woke them up, I put on the Pandora and started dancing around and yelling. Truth be told I was scared out of my mind so I had to do something to up my energy levels and make myself feel like even if I was going to die I at least enjoyed the last few hours before :)

I was really strict about being out the door by 5:15, but of course because it is me, we were in the car by 5. I drove there, which was probably a bad idea since I was so nervous but I couldn't fathom sitting in the front seat doing nothing. But of course we went about 90 the entire time. So really we made it to the beach not long after I had planned on leaving the hotel. Gooooood job Sam.

Despite being there that early, there was barely any parking. We drove down the beach as I cursed at all of the idiot drivers that took up more space than was really necessary to fit your tiny-ass mini cooper. You know what I'm talking about, when you look at a car and think I could have fit in there had this guy moved up just a tad. Anyways, we managed to "find" or make a parking spot rather.  (Me) "Am I in front of the drive way?" (Brian) "Nahh, he can still get out" Well alright then.

Onward to the beach to set up transition....

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