Monday, April 25, 2011

Hey, I put some new shoes on, And suddenly everything is right,

I don't even know how I forgot this but I finally got a new pair of shoes! I decided it had been quite a long time and I was in need of them. So I meandered over to Fleet Feet in Lincoln Park after one of my classes on Monday and met a friendly sales associate named Aaron who was a Loyola graduate. We bonded over our educational experiences while he sized my foot.

The next part was probably my favorite part, besides actually getting the shoes :) He had me put on a pair of "testing" shoes and I got on the treadmill to run in them. While I was running a video camera recorded my strides so that when I got off I could see how my ankle rolled inward a little. From that Aaron was able to pick out 5 different pairs of shoes for me to try on.

So I tried them all on. But each one demanded the acts of putting them on, feeling for comfort, feeling for where my toes were and considering how it would feel after a run since your feet swell and then running along the track to actually feel what it would be like to run in them. Professional right?

Well I had narrowed it down to two, one brand in which I wasn't really familiar with and then a pair of Nikes. Now let me just say, I'm not the biggest Nike fan and to be completely honest I was a bit disappointed that Aaron hadn't brought me any Asics because that's all I have run in since I started. But I trusted the system and all of the steps we had gone through to get to this point and decided on the Nike's because they were the most natural. The first run I went on in them was fabulous, I could literally feel myself running faster and I just felt really in tune with myself and my run....not to mention they are pink :)

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